On this web page you will find psychic reviews from clients who have gained insight wisdom and understanding from the tarot readings I have gave them, and many clients have been happy and comfortable to make a concise video tarot review to reflect what they have experienced from there readings with me and there new level of perception they have gained.

Many of the readings have been about love and relationships , career, finances, health, ambitions, family, and spiritual guidance.

These video testimonials will  come from  Skype Psychic Readings and Email Psychic Reading Reviews in conjunction with 121 online clairvoyant consultations via phone.




1.Amanda Miller Spaetgens Thanks! We're in the process of purchasing a home and I oversee the financial part of it. I worry more about finances more than I need to. I am currently taking meds to have another hopefully the celebration you speak of is the birth of a child. We lost our 3rd daughter at 3 months of age and were given a horrible injustice after her death. My husband and I fought for a law change to prevent future families from experiencing what we did. The law change went into effect last month I was recently scorned by a family member and friend for helping too much. I love to help and give....but at points it hurts me in return. I do have a family member that I feel needs to be informed but my hands are tied in fear of their reaction or ruining our relationship. The facility I'm working at will close in December. I have been speculating as to what I could do after that happens. I feel that I could be successful with it. I felt connected with your entire reading and can relate to everything. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.

2. Princess Erin Elizabeth. Omg, this is absolutely right on the money....omg omg this is all i can say, every one of my reading in the past 9 months from u guys has been right on the nose, Thank you so much Anthony, now maybe i will lighten up on him, haha...I cannot express, his new job, our new house, a new baby for him from a past relationship, our wanting to start a family, its allll so correct thank u for the insight.....blessings to u

3. Haydee Canales-Stanovich. Thank you so much Tony. I have been trying to get another job. I lost my little daughter at the age of 6 1/2, a little over a year ago. In my career, as a Mental health clinician, I understand the need my family have for me to spend a little more time at home. Other than that, I love my job. I just need a positive change in my life! Thank you do much.

4. Wow! Right on the dot!! We have definitely been through a lot together in the year And a half we've known each other... I think i know what u meant about the link we have with love on how we met.. Him and i met when we were both in situations with other people. Could that b it? We definitely have some communication problems at times. When we argue, we hate each other!!! Lol. There are things i want from him that he is being really hard headed about giving me. Things i feel a man (or woman) should do for their significant other. Especially when the past has left some insecurity!!!But yes. I do want him to mature and be the great man i feel he can be.. And if the future is gonna b as bright as it sounds, ill be the happiest person thanks a lot Anthony Haigh !

5. Janan. Thank you for allowing to post a request on here..,thank you SO MUCH....and yes...Anthony Haigh I cannot believe how amazing that was..I sent a response...thank u so. Very much!!

6. Jean Hesmondhalgh. Everything you have said is correct love . The breakthrough came yesterday after four long months .I do have a male helping me, I have lots of support from him and from the group. Financial .spot on again .Thank you very much for my reading ,god bless xx

7. Julie Joshybum Bayliss. aww thank you Anthony can say all this reading is spot on thank you ever so much for taking your time to do me a reading rely appreciate this x

8. Kaylee Evans. Anthony thank you so much!! It means a lot brought tears to my eyes reading about my friend. Your really good at what you do and thanks so much for helping starting to understand things a lot clearly x

9. Kirsty Marie. Thank you so much Anthony its spot on it blew my mind tbh thank you so much. x x

10. Leah Walters. Something very significant for him, his brother major op, happens on the 7th oct. the cards are what I knew in my heart to be true if I'm honest. I'm just unsure for the first time in my life what my future holds and that's almost all to do with him and if he loves me. Family friends money (by the way the legal bit and money in relation o him make sense with his mortgage and getting his ex out of his life) all these things can only be overcome if in his heart he loves me as I love him. I saw a beautiful future with him but its all gone foggy recently. Thanks again you're a star Anthony xx  Leah Walters Anthony thats amazing, thank you!

11. Leighanne Scarlett Katie Weir. That reading was spot on what u said all.sum together thanks sooooo much also im actually doing health and social care at university ... Plus there is legal issues with my children alsooo there a social worker who a lady who is leaving them situation asap xx ty again xx there was also travel plans on them plans too xxx

12. Les Tetley Osborne. A big thank you Anthony, i have had some health issues regarding my back and hip and the news regarding a child is also something i am waiting on, things are up and down at the moment and it is my inner strength thats keeping me strong in front of others, there is a lot of changes in my life at the moment and its the future i am looking ahead at, i lost my dad 2 month ago and he gave me a lot of my strength and he still does. your reading is fantastic,thank you once again Anthony

13. Paul Johnson. I certainly have, and i have to admit, i am normally a sceptic..but, you are so spot on its scary...thank you very much. I appreciate your time and effort. You are 100% spot on. The older male is my father, who passed away, but still a source of inspiration and i often confide in him, and DO get answers...thank you again. I may put another pic up soon if thats ok, of someone eles. all the best.

14. Ruby Littlehales Thanks Anthony. A pay rise has been mentioned to me only two days ago i do work as a care assistant and it does keep me active and can be very draining.

15. Stacey Louise Higham I can relate to the lot of it what a brill reading Anthony and yea.....that little handful is in the picture...we had alot of struggles...been at the crossroads financial problems landlord selling up due another baby so your bob on with the lot and fertility. Think that's my new name fertile hahaaaa!! Anyway thank you for a fab reading ill look forward to my fellas new idea fingers crossed its a good one Thanks again made me smile this reading xxx brief but smack bang straight on it all xxx

16. Cindy DelPriore. WOW You everything you have said is true , and yes we are trying to reconcile our differences, You are so right about "know mans land". and yes there are property issues we both have a share in the house we have now. Def out side influences have played a major part in our difficulties.

17.  Nessa Jane Tuff.  Very very good yep lost my dad am very down finances are terrible and I am determined with work.. u gave a brill reading thanks so much xx

18. Ruth-Ellen Burns. Thank you Anthony. I do have trust issues as you mentioned. We have had a rocky past but I feel as that is behind us. We live a fair distance apart and that requires a great deal of travel on my part. We need to resolve this but I've been holding back due to commitment issues on his part. Thank you very much for the reading. I enjoy seeing so many positives. Blessings.

19.  Mr Anthnoy  Haigh  is a wonderful man, 1 month back i asked him a ques, he predicted the result and it was bang on! whatever he told me came true and personally i didnt believe that much in tarot but because of him my outlook on tarot has changed completely, a true and highly experienced professional, highly recommended!